Lay With You New Release

Lay With You

Iris has evolved from her soft-spoken and fragile indie sound in previous singles into a soulful and unapologetic pop powerhouse with the arrival of her first studio album. She describes her transformation as “shedding layers” which is apparent in her warm and relatable, yet dancey new single “Lay with You” from the debut album. 

The song is a sensual anthem that nods to the simple things in love – finding that unique touch and connection that feels so good, it could only be a miracle. Iris highlights the rarity and complexity of that perfect match that somehow feels unmistakably effortless. Her song Dangerous amassed over 4.5 Million views on Youtube and 250k streams on Spotify. Her songwriting has earned her international recognition, winning the New Zealand Peace Song Competition where she travelled to Hiroshima, Japan to perform and teach songwriting classes as part of the prize. Iris is no stranger to major labels; she was offered a contract with Universal Music New Zealand in 2018, but turned it down in hopes of pursuing music in Los Angeles as an independent artist. As Iris picks up momentum, she’s set for an upcoming interview with iHeart Radio Australia to talk about “Lay with You”. Concurrently, Triller chose Iris to use her as a case study for the first pop artist they want to break from their platform.

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