I needed a moment 

Forgiveness is something to learn 

Mistaken hearts stolen 

For love

For love 


And every step I’m taking 

It keeps me on the edge 

Life is what you make it 

So I’ll take it ‘til the end 


It’s easy from a distance 

To watch the world go by 

Go by 

But now 


I’m not giving up 

Even in the dark 

Nothing’s gonna stop me 

From chasing what I got 


Every chance I’m taking 

Keeps me far from wasting 

Dreams that I got 

So I live dangerous 


We live dangerous 

We’re so dangerous 

Call us dangerous 

We keep on moving up 


Every step we’re taking 

Keeps us far from wasting 

Dreams that we got so 

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Release Date : December 9, 2019
Artist : Iris Official
Catalog ref. : 004123
Format : Digital Download

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