Frozen Hearts

I know we’ve got some frozen hearts 

Some broken bottles, glass shards 

I know we try, I know it’s hard 

But things get brighter after dark 


We gonna play with love 

The temperatures rising up 

Keeps us flying higher every time 


Weather is changing us 

And I’m learning to shape on up 

When the ice caps break away 


Pre chorus


Nights go on and we grow up 

We carry on to feel the love 

The price we pay to live each day 

Is nothing to worry about




No more frozen hearts 

No more frozen hearts 

No more frozen hearts 

No more frozen hearts 

No more frozen hearts


Verse 2


I know we’ve got some battle scars 

But they just show us who we are 

We live and die so play it large 

There’s nothing tearing us apart 


We gonna live and run 

Through fields, the tallest ones 

Keeps us building strength every time 

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Frozen Hearts

Release Date : October 9, 2019
Artist : Iris Official
Catalog ref. : 004123
Format : Digital Download

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